Another Journey Album Release

Hello everyone – hope you are having a great week with an exciting weekend coming up – I am on the road, I don’t care what they say about ‘that midnight train to Georgia,’ it would be a whole lot more restful than my plans – I start the month Aug. 1 in Oklahoma (sharing some love with these folks and hoping they are moving on since their tornados, God Bless them all). On the 2nd, I am in Austin, Texas – what an amazing city for music, always revitalizes my spirit and reminds me of my passion for what I get to do everyday – it is a gift and I am so fortunate. Sat., Aug. 3 finds me beginning a weekend in California – up north first in Saratoga and then on to one of my favorite cities more south in San Diego. Anyone up for tennis? Hope I can get in a game or two in between shows and travel – I do love my tennis. The O’Jays – my touring buddies – are with me in both California shows – they sure have a lot of energy!!

Look for me every week to keep you up on what’s new in my world –like my new album “Another Journey” on iTunes – it is finally ready for the world to hear – hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!!


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